Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review: When Worlds Collide for the Third Time, Again

Games today can be far too serious. We are usually being asked to save the world, princess, ancient artifact, etc. Sometimes I need a break from being an upstanding video game citizen. Occasionally, I want to be allowed to fight ridiculous people in ridiculous situations. Well, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has all of the… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Contagiously Cheap

Sales and crazy Steam specials have seriously screwed with our abilities to finish games, though they have exposed us to some titles we wouldn’t normally get into. Let’s put on our devil’s advocate hat, think of other reasons that cheaper gaming could be a problem in the near future. How have cheaper video games and… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Not the Information You are Looking For

A few more lessons in PR hit the web this week, as Capcom struggled to keep some announcements out of the headlines and had poor timing on one they intended to release. Star Wars: The Old Republic finally gets firm pricing info for the software and beta, but no hard release date was set. We… Continue reading