Top Video Game Podcast of the Week #109 – Classic Phil

Justin deals with some newer space invaders and doesn’t know what to make of Nintendo or Square Enix. Coop is all about Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition, just like Phil Fish planned. Plus trading card rules. Top Video Game Podcast of the Week – The interactive weekly gaming updates show featuring the games of… Continue reading

Night Force Action Report #106 – Just Move Away

With no one left to stop them, two Animal Crossing nuts unleash the New Leaf experience upon the Action Report. Aaron also gets surprised by Teleglitch and car shopping, while Justin wastes a turn with a big grin on his face. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the cast… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #012: The Leaderboard Needs Losers

We are about to round the corner into our 20th game of the weekly arcade challenge at my office. Let it be known that I love leaderboards and competition among friends. Not only does it build a bit of camaraderie but it also helps you discover new awesome in some of your favorite games. This… Continue reading

Horrible Times #416: The New Past

It has been a timewarp around games recently, I thought we were on the cusp of a new generation. I guess leave it to a Nintendo news week to take you back to the classics, but I don’t know if that magic is working anymore Big N. I will say I’m feeling better about the… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Super Meat Boy Galaxy or Play! If You Like Charity

Super Meat Boy encapsulated my love for the most rewarding aspects of 2D platformers with great control, level design, challenge, and charm. Once you conquer 2D, it’s natural to wonder what a game’s evolution to 3D would look like. Surely though, lightning couldn’t strike twice for SMB? I mean the idea of a Super Meat Boy… Continue reading

Hard and Good Games – The Horrible Show Live #318

Justin, Josh, Ethan and Cole all agree that it is no small feat when a game that’s designed to be hard comes out to be just a fun and memorable as its more forgiving cousins. They discuss the intricacies that separate the hard games from the cruel games. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial… Continue reading

Gaming Connoisseur: When Death in Games Mattered

Remember when you actually cared about trying to stay alive in a video game? You were given a certain amount of lives to complete your task. While there were ways to gain an extra life, there was somewhat of a challenge involved with doing so. Today’s games lack the same challenges of the old days…. Continue reading

Edmund McMillen Unlocks The Basement Collection in August

Sure, Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac may be some of our favorite games here at Horrible Night, but these games also helped make game designer, Edmund McMillen, a bit of a household name. Edmund, however, may actually prefer staying in the basement if you are the type that reads into announcements for… Continue reading