Celebrate Valentines Day with a Little Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal will be released and fortunately for all you lonely single people out there, it’s coming on a day that tends to cause you quite a bit of depression. Yes, now instead of drinking boxed wine and crying over pictures of that girl/guy that you liked in high school but who never knew you… Continue reading

Think of the Children: Budget Gaming for Kids

Back when I was growing up, there were three main options of acquiring a video game. The game could either be purchased by you, your parents or an awesome relative who actually looked at your birthday/holiday wish-list and wanted you to be happy on that special day. Another way to play a new game was… Continue reading

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Trailers are here to Captivate in HD

While some HD remakes come across as being cash-ins or “too soon.” There’s something different about bringing back two cult hits that haven’t been fully exposed to the current gaming audience. The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection will finally be released this September as a PS3 exclusive, and Sony has released new trailers… Continue reading

WTF Is This: You Could be Better with Playstation Home Beta

In the materialistic world we live in today it’s easy for someone to slip in between the cracks of popularity and fall completely out of style. Your only hope is to hit up garage sales and play it off like you bought your threads new. You look forward to each holiday where you have a… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Protected Violence

Huge win for the industry this week as the Supreme Court ruled against California’s violent video game sales law. Hopefully, with all of this recent validation, the video game industry can actually do something with the spotlight (at least they didn’t notice Duke Nukem Forever). We focused our editorial efforts on unveiling 2 of the… Continue reading

GiffTor’s E3 2011 Recap

I know you’re probably dead and bloating from holding your collective breath awaiting The Horrible Show’s E3 Wrap-up, but in the off chance someone let you know that the digital recording gods smote us and smote us hard on Tuesday night and you’re still with us, here’s my look-back at the Big 3’s E3 performances…. Continue reading

Cole’s E3 2011 Recap

It has been a week since the end of E3 and I wanted to recap my thoughts on the event. You would have already heard them but, due to the technical difficulties we had in recording our podcast this past week, those brilliant ideas were lost. So now I’m going to share them with you… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Hax On, Hax On

…And release. That was it. One week and it’s all over. Now all we have to look forward to is a helluva lot of games heading our way. In a non-traditional news week, we recap a few of the non-E3 stories. You can still check out all of our E3 coverage of featured games, daily… Continue reading