Horribly Awesome Deals of the Week: Your PS3 Needs Some Love

I figured that quite a few of you PS3 players are probably struggling with Skyrim lag (alongside the other issues that system tends to have), so I decided to throw you a bone, or rather Amazon has. It’s time to pull your heads out of Bethesda’s butt for awhile and play catch up with a… Continue reading

Games of September Hurt So Good

We hope you enjoyed your summer because it is officially over. This is just the beginning of the flood of fall releases and we are here to help you navigate the river of games. Below you’ll find a list of the top games on our radar by release date, and if that wasn’t enough for… Continue reading

GiffTor’s E3 2011 Recap

I know you’re probably dead and bloating from holding your collective breath awaiting The Horrible Show’s E3 Wrap-up, but in the off chance someone let you know that the digital recording gods smote us and smote us hard on Tuesday night and you’re still with us, here’s my look-back at the Big 3’s E3 performances…. Continue reading

Cole’s E3 2011 Recap

It has been a week since the end of E3 and I wanted to recap my thoughts on the event. You would have already heard them but, due to the technical difficulties we had in recording our podcast this past week, those brilliant ideas were lost. So now I’m going to share them with you… Continue reading

E3 11: Sony – The Horrible Show 060911

E3 week continues as we set our sights on the Nintendo press conference and their new… console? Ethan and Cole join Justin and Josh to discuss Zelda, the 3Ds games lineup, and the good and the bad of the Wii U. Would someone turn off that siren? Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow… Continue reading

Resistance 3 Teaser May Produce Bowel Movements

The announcement of a game is usually followed up with a “trailer” (commonly referred to as a teaser) usually consisitng of none game footage or an overdramatic reveal of that particular games new logo, much to the disdain of myself and fellow Horrible Night writers. The brains behind the Resistance: Fall of Man franchise  must have been… Continue reading