I Learned Something Today: Alan Wake

Don’t you hate it when you question yourself? When you can’t trust your own eyes? When you can’t even recognize your own words that you’ve written? Can you even trust the lessons of Alan Wake? The Lessons of Alan Wake Lose it locally, not while traveling Always carry a flashlight Don’t buy coffee Don’t be… Continue reading

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review: Nice Dreams

It seems with every release season there is a game which surprises you and leave an impression you cannot shake. I met Alan Wake’s American Nightmare with much reservation. When I first heard the story I immediately thought of Stephen King’s The Dark Half main antagonist, George Stark. This is what created a little bit of my reservation. I… Continue reading

Alan Wake Flickers With Potential

I either missed the initial wave of excitement about Alan Wake when it was announced at E3 in 2005 or I had completely forgotten about it since it was so long ago. My discovery of the game came in 2009’s E3 presentation, where the video footage absolutely blew me away. I could immediately tell that… Continue reading