Lara Croft GO – Games of 2015

GO Team is onto something. They got to the core of Hitman, but I wasn’t sure how distilling down Tomb Raider would turn out. I figured it would be too slow or other turn-based issues would get in the way of it actually feeling like Tomb Raider. Before the end of the first stage it… Continue reading

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition – Games of 2015

I mean, it worked. I tried Puzzle & Dragons a couple of years ago on my iPhone because I heard it was the biggest game in Japan at the time and it didn’t set my world on fire. Add Mario though, and apparently its worth losing all kinds of sleep over. Ok, the Puzzle & Dragons… Continue reading

Game Curious Turbo Fingered – Electric Index

I don’t think police lineups are long for this politically correct world. I feel like I need a shower after electrocuting multiple innocent people. I swear it wasn’t my fault, I had bad information, or misinterpreted bad information. Or something. I don’t know, it just went horribly wrong and I’m sorry. Fingered was released on Aug… Continue reading

Played Oquonie – I Love What You’ve Done With The Place

Oquonie is an isometric puzzle game for iOS created by interactive designer Devine Lu Linvega of XXIIVV in collabration with illustrator Rekka Bellum. You control a weird little creature interacting with other even stranger looking creatures speaking an unintelligible language. The areas you explore are a confusing series of rooms that twist and fold back… Continue reading

Nimble Quest Review: Get in Line, Hero

Nimble Quest has been my goto few-minutes-to-kill mobile game for over a year now. A game developed by NimbleBit, creators of Tiny Towers and the short lived Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. It’s a snake type game where you move an ever growing train of heroes with the flick of a finger. You can move… Continue reading

You Have to Win the Game Reflex Review – Do I Have a Choice?

I discovered this game when Steam recently suggested the sequel Super Win the Game. Pulling on my nostalgia and pixel art heartstrings, I clicked on the profile page to buy the game. The page suggested a free game of the same style title You Have to Win the Game. Not a free-to-play game mind you…… Continue reading

Contre Jour Reflex Review: A Game Designed for Mobile

While I enjoy tablet and smartphone gaming, a lot of the time it feels like the games weren’t designed for touch. It feels more like the game went through the development process and and at the end they threw in the touch interface. It’s either that or they’re simple, but fun, games like Temple Run… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Samsara Room for the Drunk Escape Artist

Knowing how to escape from a room, whether it’s a prison or a prison of your own inebriation, is a very important skill to have in your arsenal. Seeing that I’m halfway through an international romp characterized by inappropriate levels of binge drinking, I decided I should probably practice this skill just in case I… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Monster Craft is Perfect For Lazy, Battle-Thirsty People

by with Comments Off on Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Monster Craft is Perfect For Lazy, Battle-Thirsty People

Regardless of how little energy I actually have to expend while playing video games, there are times when I’m too lazy to actually commit to anything that requires the least amount of effort. This is preciously how Monster Craft, a game with little to no actual gameplay, can make it on to Cheap and Dirty…. Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Of Cupcakes and Trauma, Papa’s CupCakeria

After playing Outlast most the evening yesterday, I really needed to get my mind into a much lighter and fluffier place. Being the cupcakes are the lightest, fluffiest things I know of, I decided that I’d play Papa’s CupCakeria, a game about running a cupcake bakery. Whether my nerves were still shot from the night… Continue reading