Hey! Play! Elephant Quest

Few people understand what it truly means to love someone, or something, in the case of the elephant star of the RPG platformer Elephant Quest. A jerk-off woolly mammoth has decided he likes your hat better than his and takes it by force, leaving our trunked protagonist angry and alone. Revenge, like usual appears to be… Continue reading

Tales From Space: About a Blob Review: Slimy and Starving

The blob has been a classically misunderstood entity since its introduction in 1950’s low budget cinema. Whether acting as a low level enemy in RPGs or the side kick of a curious young boy, the blob fares just as poorly in gaming. Obviously feeling the plight of the blob a significant cause, the brains behind… Continue reading

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review: Monkeying Around the Apocalypse

With so many details to love about Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, the moment that really struck me is one of the most intangible yet core elements that games seem to be missing these days. Right in the middle of my adventure when I successfully fended off another horde of mechs in destructive slow motion… Continue reading