Tiny Wings Reflex Review: Flying High Even Though I Can’t

Ever since I dumped my Droid X at the beginning of this year and sprinted back into the loving arms of an iPhone 4S, I have been enamored with a simple iOS game called Tiny Wings. It’s been the go-to-game at the doctor’s office, road trips, and during the horrible television shows that my wife… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Mr. Bree: Returning Home Traps Talking Pigs

Being both cheap and dirty is pretty easy after a Wednesday afternoon filled with beers has you lying in bed cursing both hops and barley. If you’re like me and happen to be in that aforementioned situation, your brain probably isn’t in the mood for complex actions like solving mystery puzzles or negotiating with elven… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today Too: Banjo-Kazooie – For a Better World

Sometimes I forget to eat and get really hungry. This usually leads to anger and confusion which happen to be the catalysts from ranting and raving the likes of which have never before been seen on an episode of “I Learned Something Today. “ I’m ticked off and it has quite a bit to do… Continue reading

The Gunstringer Review: Reach for the Sky

Let me paint you city slickers a picture. An undead cowboy with a six-shooter erupts from the dirt, eyes burning with getting revenge on his former posse. A rich oil baron needs to be gunned down, a voluptuous madame should go into early retirement and an inflatable wavy tube man will deflate before the setting… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Super Mario 3D Land

I know one business I’m never getting into: plumbing. Sure it could lead to getting your own reality show on ghost hunting but is it worth dealing with the waste of humans on a day to day basis? Oh, and there’s always the outside chance you’ll be sucked into a drain, flushed away to some… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Random Heroes

Just when you thought it was safe to vandalize  gravestones, two emo kids come along and discover that getting in trouble by their parents would have been a more prefered consequence for disrespecting the dead as their exploits open up a portal to a hostile world. Fortunately for them (though I assume they died as a result) and the… Continue reading

Super Mario 3D Land Review: 3D Made Easy

Mario hasn’t had the most stellar history when it comes to games being released on Nintendo’s mobile platforms. Super Mario Land was as drastic a departure from the Super Mario Bros. style as Super Mario Bros. 2 was. Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins would correct that jag and is completely recognizable as the… Continue reading

Escape Goat Review: Goat and Mouse Ain’t Nothing To F*** With

When you think about dynamic duos, names like Batman and Robin or Chip and Dale immediately come to mind. After playing through Magical Time Bean’s Escape Goat, the terrible twosome of Goat and Mouse may soon join the aforementioned heavyweights in the ranks of “World’s Greatest Bad Ass Partnerships.” You look like you are doing… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Banjo-Kazooie

The world can be a dangerous place full of witches, ogres, metal sharks, and perhaps even a talking toilet. You never know what those baddies will do to you. So going alone is not an option. You need friends to help you along the way. Some you meet, some you’ve known for years. They are… Continue reading