2015 Games of the GiffTor

Justin Gifford finally opens up about video games from 2015. It wasn’t pretty and most of the highlights were from last year, but the groundwork (a new PC) was laid for a better 2016. Justin Lacey is just happy that Gifford finally met Rico. Subscribe Horrible Night on SoundCloud New RSS Feed New iTunes Feed… Continue reading

Pequod – Games of 2015

Pequod is…I can’t entirely quantify Pequod other than to tell you that it got me (momentarily) past my pixel-art-indie-game fatigue and flipped some sort of switch in my brain that dumped the same dopamine rush I got the first time I saw a Water Bear (tardigrade) in a drop of pond water. It’s supremely weird… Continue reading

Played Pequod: So, You Made A Pixel Art Game

To my knowledge, we’ve never publicly aired our conversations about pixel art. More specifically, I don’t think we’ve ever shared the fact that most of the time, I think pixel art/NES-era game design is played out, hard to see, and generally just not something I want to play. For me to voluntarily pick up a… Continue reading