The 2015 Grimmys: Quickie Game of the Year

You’ve got 15 minutes to play a game, what do you choose? How we chose the winner/finalists for Quickie Game of the Year – Starting at 15:33 Rocket League There were a lot of smart design decisions that went into making Rocket League such a phenomenon. The 5 minute match length made it almost too easy… Continue reading

JDevL’s Games of the Year 2015

Justin Lacey finally opens up about video games from 2015. A good bad horror experience goes a long way, but would it be better with monsters or squids? Can Cole get Justin to actually listen to himself? Subscribe Horrible Night on SoundCloud New RSS Feed New iTunes Feed TuneIn Feed (Coming Soon) New Stitcher Feed… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Early Access or Full Release?

I have found myself cooling on early access games so far this year. I would rather play through my backlog and catch the game’s full release. My thinking is if the game doesn’t fulfill on its promise, maybe it wasn’t worth playing in early access or ever. I know others love their early access games though. I’d… Continue reading

Horrible Video Game Podcast #101 – Episode Resolution

Jason helps Justin kick off a new Horrible Night podcast with the latest in old Star Wars video games. Zombies, nuclear thrones, the grimmest of fandangos show up before GTA gets delayed and Telltale turns to TV. Plus a Nintendotoaster. Horrible Video Game Podcast – Justin wants to know what his guest has been playing and has some… Continue reading