Night Force Action Report #103 – I’ll Do My Best

Ethan, aka Land Guy, accomplishes the impossible… in space, aka FTL. Justin eventually gets into Cube World after a weekend full of companion torture. Plus nude beaches and Teen Wolf 3. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the cast gets caught up on the games they’ve been playing, new… Continue reading

Aftermath of The Horrible Show Live #321

Our charity marathon begins Saturday Nov 17th at Noon EST. Justin, Josh, Cole and Ethan enlist the help of the live chat audience to narrow down a giant list of potential co-op games and find the featured games of the event. Aftermath Episodes – The mics stay on after the show ends as the conversation… Continue reading

Killing Floor Honors the Sad Lives of Sideshow Freaks

The tales of those living life as part of a circus sideshow act range anywhere from sexy awesome adventures to horribly depressing sob fests and everywhere in between. Where as the fire breathers, contortionists and strong men could easily live normal lives and even use their abilities to create teams of exceptional human beings who thirst for… Continue reading

Sweatin’ and Snugglin’ – Super Gaming Best Friends #105

Maybe the cast has gotten too close recently because things really heat up for Josh, Justin, Ethan and JP this week as they discuss Steam boxes, SNES sports, lazy DLC, game difficulty and the start and end of Mass Effect to the point of making Ethan ill. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night… Continue reading

Killing Floor and Tripwire Interactive Celebrate 1 Million Sold with Steam Sale

Sometimes it pays off by grinding away for two years and working hard to bring an enjoyable experience to your fans. Tripwire Interactive is celebrating reaching 1 million copies of Killing Floor sold by placing the game on sale for $2.99. You can also get the Killing Floor Bundle featuring 7 items for only $4.78. For those who have… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 07-21-10 Mini: The 15 Minute Fun Factor

The Horrible Show has been hit by a Wizardtrain. Justin, Cole, and Ethan select their current favorite timekilling games including Killing Floor, Modern Warfare 2, and Just Cause 2 while trying to avoid DirectTV salesman and @Gamer magazine. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow Sometimes you just get tired of trying to find a… Continue reading