The Evil Within Reflex Review – Trying New Things. Like Being Slaughtered

Let it never be said that I refuse to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. I was sitting in front of my Xbox One last night, about to use it for the first time in three weeks and realized I really didn’t feel like playing Destiny because it just hasn’t done it for… Continue reading

Outlast Review: Can’t Keep It Up

I was unbelievably nervous the entire day before Outlast’s release and my subsequent livestream of the game. From everything I’d heard, it was being heralded as a GOAT in the horror genre which meant it had the capacity to scare the poop directly out of an unsuspecting player’s bowels and ruin both their reputations and… Continue reading

Asylum Jam Challenges a Different Kind of Trope

I stumbled across an article while browsing Joystiq the other day about a game jam with a very unique premise. Asylum Jam will take place October 11th through the 13th and will challenge players to create a horror game without falling back on tropes dealing with mental illness. This includes things like insane asylums, psychiatric wards and… Continue reading

More Creepiness Coming Your Way: Among the Sleep Gets Kickstarted

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; it’s a great year for horror. You can add another entry to that list of announced titles as Among the Sleep, a survival horror game from the perspective of a young child has surpassed it’s goal of $200,000.00. This means that Krillbite Studios, the developers behind… Continue reading

Darkwood Devs Launch Indiegogo Campaign

Acid Wizard Studio, developer of the upcoming survival horror game Darkwood, have launched an Indiegogo campaign for the game and are looking to raise $40,000.00 in funding (which is pretty modest considering the scope of the project). Despite the creepy atmosphere and aesthetics of Darkwood, the video pitch itself is rather light-hearted and funny.  That… Continue reading

Cry of Fear Reflex Review: I’m Out

I’ve always been under the impression that I enjoyed scary games, going as far to criticize modern survival horror for forgetting their roots and galloping down the action aisle. After playing Cry of Fear for about an hour last week, I’ve come to the realization that I like the idea of horror games way more than I… Continue reading

Darkwood Brings Horror So Bring Extra Underwear: An Interview with Acid Wizard Studio

Darkwood caught my eye a couple months back based on its art style, atmosphere and “hardcore” take on gaming. Because I’m the curious type, I decided to try and get a hold of the Acid Wizard Studios, the team behind the game. Being the cordial gents that they are, they answered some very hard hitting questions… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Shattered Haven Shattered My Patience

So this is going to be a first for Cheap and Dirty Gamer; I didn’t really like this week’s game. I tend to screen games a bit more thoroughly beforehand, which is why most of the games are at least entertaining, but I took a chance on Shattered Haven because it looked to be taking… Continue reading

Dead Space 3 Review: Stomp, Drop, and Roll

Being a space engineer is a hard life. They’re expected to take on a myriad of tasks, whether it be repairing derelict ships or forcibly removing a mutant’s legs from its disgusting torso. What, then, could possibly make these tasks easier on a guy who just can’t seem to get a break? How about an… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Baby Blues Scares a Grown Man

Babies have horrible lives. Not only do they have to rely on others to do everything for them, they are unbelievably ill-equipped for handling situations where supernatural entities are involved. Baby Blues brings this to light better than any game I’ve ever played. Not only do I never want to be a baby again, I’m… Continue reading