Hey! Watch! Real Life N64 Goldeneye

Goldeneye looked incredible when it was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Compared to most games from that era, I’d argue that it holds up pretty well. At least until I saw Warialasky’s video. Reenacting Goldeneye in real life may change the way you look at the game entirely. For fans of the original,… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Fan-made Zelda: The Lost Oracle Animation Better Inspire Nintendo

Fresh off a refreshing step forward for The Legend of Zelda franchise with Skyward Sword, animator Joel Furtado has a vision for the Wii U entry in the franchise. He put together an incredible trailer, Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (below) that teases us as to what a Wii U Zelda may look like in the Wind Waker… Continue reading

Fan Made Mega Man Movie Out Now

Even though Capcom hasn’t been doing as well lately as they probably should have been,  they are one of the more stand up companies in the industry. They listen to their fans, do their best to give them what they want, and even do what seems to be the hardest thing for other companies to… Continue reading