Horribly Awesome Deals of the Week: Dance Like No One is Watching

Only a few more days before the spookiest day of the year, so I’ve dedicated one entry in this week’s deals that could be considered Halloween themed. Nonsensical? Don’t blame me, I don’t make the rules, I just avoid them at all costs. Mr. Deal Hunter Dead Island (Xbox 360 and PS3) – Amazon for… Continue reading

Horribly Awesome Deals of the Week: Darkness, Demons and Scuba Suits

Hello, it’s time to save some money. You like saving money right? That’s good because if not, you’re wasting time on an article directed at tight wa…I mean thrifty gamers. There’s a lot of evil in this week’s deals, but bookends of dance and self-contained underwater breathing apparatuses will keep you out of the fiery… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 01-05-11: Does December 2010 Matter?

We can’t quite let go of 2010. At least not before Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Christina get a chance to overanalyze the game industry headlines of December. The VGA’s, Rockstar rocking, Xbox Live Rewards, and Cole says goodbye to Cali. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow Time to sum up the last month’s… Continue reading

Harmonix Goes Indie All Over Again

Harmonix, makers of small indie games like Dance Central and Rock Band 3,  is no longer owned my Viacom. Columbus Nova, an investment firm with over $2.0 billion in assets, has decided to purchase the developer. The one man dance party known as John Drake, went to the Rock Band forums to announce the deal:… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: Hatesgiving Day Parade

Every year around this time people who have websites such as ours come up with lists of things that they are thankful for in the video game industry. Seeing that I’m wholly unoriginal in every way I’m going to copy that idea but give it a good Horrible Night twist. I’m going to list the… Continue reading

Dance Central Review: Cranking That Poker Face

I HATE working out.  I don’t have a problem with actively participating in NOT working out.  Why?  Because the term “working out” bores me out of my mind.  The thought of running with no purpose or going to a gym and touching gym equipment that HUNDREDS of sweaty, smelly people before me have touched, only… Continue reading