Backlog Commandos – The Horrible Show Live #317

The video game backlog is always there, always daunting, sometimes mocking, never flinching, but often spectacular. Justin, Cole, and Josh discuss techniques for navigating their backlog, their greatest discoveries, and games they wish had stayed buried. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game… Continue reading

Counter Gaming: The Impact of Degenerative Gaming

Degenerative gaming’s impact was recently felt when the MLB 2K12 $1 million contest drew to a close. I may be a video game purist, but I don’t really like altering games to bend them to my will. At least this holds true in multiplayer and competitive settings. Writing this article was a struggle for me because I… Continue reading

Five Fight: Games We Suck At – The Horrible Show Live 092811

Our first live video podcast brings Justin, Ethan, Cole, Justin, and Josh out of the shadows to reveal their Top 5 games that they suck at. Mario would be disappointed in all of us as Justin finds a way to be terrible at a game that isn’t a game. Send in your questions to… Continue reading

Taking Offense: What Made Us Enemies?

When I was a young child, I was used to my favorite action movie heroes dispatching real world adversaries like the Russians. Later in life, I noticed the regularity of middle eastern terrorists and warlords in my favorite summer blockbusters. Running parallel to these conflicts were those I faced in video games, which shared quite… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Video Games Get Blamed Again

Brandon (H21) returns as we take the REPLY TO ALL to a serious level. The recent shooting in Norway has brought out the anti video game evangelists again, with the shooter claiming Modern Warfare 2 helped him train for the event. If confronted with that argument (murder simulators aiding lunatics), how would you defend games… Continue reading