Steambrothers! To Arms! Sword and Sworcery EP Released on Steam

The ridiculously named, yet fantastic adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP just dropped on Steam. Sword & Sworcery released on iOS last year to critical acclaim. The game features some downright gorgeous pixel art and a soundtrack that many of us here still listen to outside of the game. While we loved the game… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Games of the Year Nominations

We are going all out this year. Below you will find links to our the award categories and nominations for the 2011 Grimmys The 2011 Grimmys will be announced during a special live episode of The Horrible Show at 8pm EST Tuesday Dec 27th on Awards Categories Not Entertained Award BFG Award Infinite Lives… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Game of the Year

The definitive games of the year, but only one can win. The Nominees Bastion – Small teams aren’t supposed to be able to provide thought-provoking, polished game experiences. Bastion will be impossible to forget for action RPG fans while other gamers found themselves engrossed by the incredible story narration and beautiful visuals of a world… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Downloadable Game of the Year – Coins Division

These mid-range priced games are well within the reach of cash-conscious gamers while still boasting incredible depth and value. From point and click adventures to old school vehicular shoot outs, 2011 was full of promising titles that went toe to toe with the big dogs. The Nominees Dungeon Defenders – Dungeon Defenders hasn’t lost momentum since arriving… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Downloadable Game of the Year – Bottlecaps Division

The price of a game is no longer an indication of quality or longevity as these low-cost morsels are exploding with shocking amounts of replayability and depth. Those upset about paying $60 for a 6 hour game may just find something to quench your miserly thirst. The Nominees Dungeons of Dredmor – Closer to the Rogue-like than the previously mentioned… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Mobile Game of the Year

The mobile gaming market is rapidly changing so we decided to simplify: if you can hold it in your hand and take it with you while you play, it’s a mobile game. The Nominees The Last Rocket – Shaun Inman’s adorable rocket adventure is a deceivingly smart and addictive puzzle adventure. Tied together with great… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Indie Developer of the Year

While we still love the high end gameplay of AAA developers, their idea pool has gotten a bit stagnant as of late. Fortunately for gamers everywhere, the little guys have come in force to produce games based on outside the box ideas that may just become genre standards in the near future. The Nominees Min Max Games (Space Pirates and… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Co-op Game of the Year

Overwhelming odds tend to be the standard in gaming, so having a couple of well equiped buddies to back you up is never a bad thing. Douchebags need not apply, these games need teamwork…save your individuality for hipster parties and art school. The Nominess Gears of War 3 – The Gears series has been known for… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Competitive Multiplayer Game of the Year

Multiplayer gaming is both for playing with friends who just can’t be there with you (or for those who don’t like to share their valuable screen space) and for those who like to completely own no0bs and dominate their competition. This is for the second group. The Nominees Mortal Kombat – Pit yourself Mano-a-mano, toe to toe,… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Proud to be a Video Game Award

Games can get pretty intense and sometimes take themselves a bit too seriously, even forgetting why they exist in the first place. It’s a good thing that developers with an affinity for fun and indifference to congruent narratives are around to remind us all why we started gaming in the first place. The Nominees Renegade Ops –… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Steady Sequel of the Year

Of the games that are on obvious sequel release schedules or the ones that came out of nowhere to titillate our fantasies of living out these scenarios, these are the games that stood high above the rest. The Nominees Gears of War 3 – There was a lot riding on this installment of the Gears trilogy by… Continue reading