Livestream Event – Evolve HoNight Game Night 2/12 930pm EST – Monster Don’t Care

Alright. This has gone on long enough. HoNight Game Night wants to come out to play and with it Horrible Night starts livestreaming on a weekly basis again. Before we get there though, let’s start with this week. Coop and I will be live this Thursday (2/12) at 930pm EDT on We will be playing… Continue reading

Livestreaming Returns – Gauntlet HoNight Game Night 9/25 9pm EDT – Don’t Shoot the Food

I told you we’d get warmed up. The next step? The return to livestreaming. Coop and I will be live this Thursday (9/25) at 9pm EDT on We will be playing Gauntlet for the very first time. Well, I mean, we’ve played Gauntlet before, just not this Gauntlet. Give us a break it just… Continue reading

Geeks Night Out 2/28: Come Skate With Us and Pure Geekery

It’s been too long since we all hung out, we’re going to put a rolling stop to that in 2014. To help, we’re going to be bringing some friends with us as we are teaming up with Pure Geekery for Geeks Night Out events. To kick things off, we’re going to fall on our asses… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Games of the Year Awards Recap

The 2013 Grimmys are complete. Did you catch all of that? Don’t worry, neither did Cole and Josh. Justin brings them in to get a fresh and final reaction to the winners and finalists of Horrible Night’s games of the year. This special episode is a part of The 2013 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the year… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys Live Awards Show Jan 11th and Games of the Year

The games have been played, the year has been finished, the votes are being counted, and it’s almost time for The Grimmys. This Saturday, Jan 11th starting at 11am EST on (weather permitting because winter is a jerk this year) we will be livestreaming our deliberations and award selections for The 2013 Grimmys. With over… Continue reading

HoNight Game Night – Awesomenauts Tuesday at 8pm EST

It has been way too long since our last community game night, so why not revisit one of our favorites? This Tuesday starting at 8pm EST, you’re invited to join the Horrible Night staff for another HoNight Game Night featuring Awesomenauts. We’ll be playing the PC version of Awesomenauts which features 6 player 3-on-3 matches…. Continue reading

Thank You from A Call to Gamers 2013

Last Saturday Nov 2nd, Horrible Night brought together Indianapolis based video gamers and video game developers for the A Call to Gamers 2013 – 25 Hour Game Jam and Marathon. Your donations helped raise $1595 for Child’s Play – the game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network… Continue reading

A Call to Gamers 2013 – Starts Saturday at Noon, Donate to Child’s Play Today

Here we are. Less than 24 hours to go before the beginning of A Call to Gamers 2013 – 25 Hour Game Jam and Marathon for Child’s Play. We’ve narrowed down the game ideas and gathered up the game library for an exciting combination of non-stop game development and game playing. RSVP on Facebook and help us spread… Continue reading