The Indie Megabooth Brings All the Indies to PAX East ’13

Somehow the Penny Arcade Expo’s Indie Megabooth has gotten even bigger for this year’s PAX East on March 22-24. This year’s booth features 62 games by 50 developers from everything from Don’t Starve and Guacamelee! to Monster Loves You! and Drunken Robot Pornography. Even if you aren’t attending PAX East (we can’t make it either)… Continue reading

The Neverhood Spiritual Successor Being Molded

The team the brought us Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood is getting back together to create a new point-and-click adventure game, creator Doug TenNapel announced on Facebook. The game will feature his unique style of clay and puppet animations. Doug went into some detail on why the new game cannot his EWJ or Neverhood characters:… Continue reading

Horrible Times #410: The City Will Be OK

Someone has to figure out always online connectivity right? I know we are all doubting our internets thanks to EA’s and Maxis’ complete failure of a launch for SimCity that made Diablo III’s launch issues seem almost tame by comparison. I admit there lack of preparedness is baffling, but it was also hard for me… Continue reading

NASA, Game Jams, and the Wizard of Oz

Aside from Twue Wuv, there are only two things more awesome than video games: dinosaurs and NASA. Although I’m convinced that the entire organization must  be filled with some of the most humble people on the planet (they landed a car on Mars with an annual budget of 0.48% of total Federal expenditure and refrained… Continue reading

Your Pants are Safe for a Bit Longer, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Delayed until Q2

Are you tired of wearing clean underwear? Are your dreams lacking the nightmarish qualities that prevent sleep? Could your bed sheets use a bit more cold sweat? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then Frictional Games and thechineseroom have a game for you. Well, they will have a game for you though you’re going… Continue reading

Horrible Times #407: The Sunday Destination

After the most drawn out gamer tease I’ve experienced in a while, I’m officially ready for Sony and Microsoft to announce their next-gen plans. Publishers and developers have to be even more frustrated as illustrated by Bungie’s attempted reveal of their new game, Destiny. I’m officially more confused about what to expect from their new online… Continue reading

System Shock 2 Available Now on GOG and Coming to Steam

Trying to get classic PC games to play on modern hardware has gotten easier thanks to rereleases on digital stores, but that doesn’t mean every game has made the leap. Thankfully we can scratch one more off only-playable-by-hackers list as Night Dive Studios fought through the red tape to give the world a fresh release… Continue reading