Mega Headlines: One Fez Survivor

It can’t be a bad thing to have all the headlines the week after E3. People are definitely talking about the Xbox One and all of its policy reversals. Without going into detail, DRM was never my issue with the Xbox One and those policies (if this week proved anything beyond a doubt) are completely… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Fine Plus Decay

We survived E3, so what else was going on? Well for one thing, there was a bad ass indie press conference called the Horizon Conference on the final day of E3 that I completely missed, and Double Fine reestablished themselves as the kings of game funding. Sony shows just how not-rigid PlayStation Plus can be,… Continue reading

ETOO is Like E3 Minus One

Were you hoping to go to E3 but can’t because you lack the necessary credentials? Do you live in London? If so, than there happens to be an expo specifically for you! It’s called ETOO and well, that’s a really stupid name. Despite the sad attempt at a play on words, the idea itself seems… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Gran Curiosity Non-Answers

I should have been better prepared to deal with the haze surrounding the aftermath of the Xbox One announcement, or maybe Microsoft just underestimated how many elephants were in the room. Either way the amount of reporting without any actual facts or answers reached an annoying degree last week so I turned it off to… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: One Exclusive Not-Pinball Episode

Exclusivity be damned. Actually, we all know it is just temporary and Dust is the latest beneficiary of that fact. I’m really excited to see what Zen Studios is capable of off of the pinball table as CastleStorm is looking pretty sharp. Zeboyd has finished the latest episode of Penny Arcade and I hope there… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Mario is Turning into a Clueless Jerk

I don’t know why I take Nintendo so personally, but there’s a special kind of angst that grows every time I go home and see my Wii U after Nintendo makes any announcements. Distracting myself with two of the SNES’s best games will only get you so far after you step on your fans, and… Continue reading

More Creepiness Coming Your Way: Among the Sleep Gets Kickstarted

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; it’s a great year for horror. You can add another entry to that list of announced titles as Among the Sleep, a survival horror game from the perspective of a young child has surpassed it’s goal of $200,000.00. This means that Krillbite Studios, the developers behind… Continue reading

Darkwood Devs Launch Indiegogo Campaign

Acid Wizard Studio, developer of the upcoming survival horror game Darkwood, have launched an Indiegogo campaign for the game and are looking to raise $40,000.00 in funding (which is pretty modest considering the scope of the project). Despite the creepy atmosphere and aesthetics of Darkwood, the video pitch itself is rather light-hearted and funny. ¬†That… Continue reading