Gamescom 13 Report: Expansions Ahoy

Expansions were announced for both Diablo III and XCOM: Enemy Unknown yesterday, both of which I was happy to hear as I’ve been trying to find reasons to jump back into both games. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Diablo III will be introducing Reaper of Souls, expanding the base game by adding a new Act… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: 10 Handheld Carmacks

Curating the PAX 10 cannot be an easy task these days as quality indie games are released on a monthly if not weekly basis. This year’s crop already has a game of the year contender for me personally, plus a sequel to one of the best puzzle platformers I’ve ever played. Nintendo should probably find… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Rekickstarted Buy Out Reversal

The best part about all of these Microsoft policy reversals, is that MS actually fixing obvious errors prior to the Xbox One’s release, reputation be damned. It may not totally right the ship or instill confidence in the company, but they are going to move more Xbox One’s this holiday season and getting off to… Continue reading

Forsaken Fortress Looks Amazing

Being a good journalist means being up to date on all the latest gaming news, especially fresh projects coming our way via Kickstarter. Being that I’m a mediocre journalist, I tend to be a few months behind on things. That doesn’t mean, however that I can’t still get excited when I see something really great… Continue reading

Survive Infections and a Sinking Cruise Liner in SOS: Ship of Sacrifice

While perusing through Kickstarter, I came across an interesting looking game by developer Water Bottle called SOS: Ship of Sacrifice. SOS is an online co-op adventure game that tasks players with escaping a sinking ship after an infection spreads throughout the passengers and crew on board. While the concept sounds intriguing, it was the art… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Double Cube Dog Day

Heads had to roll after Microsoft’s E3 and its policy reversal, but so many things are changing at MS these days it is hard to say if the head of Xbox, Don Mattrick, leaving for Zynga was in the works even before E3. Regardless, I don’t know how you jump in with gusto onto Zynga’s… Continue reading

Part 2 of a Game Jam Based on a Satirical Representation of a Developer Will Use Real Developer’s Quotes as Themes

by with Comments Off on Part 2 of a Game Jam Based on a Satirical Representation of a Developer Will Use Real Developer’s Quotes as Themes

The first MolyJam was a game jam that tasked developers with making video games based off of the ideas of Peter Molydeux, the Twitter account that parodied Peter Molyneux and his outside the box ideas. This year, they’ve upped the ante a bit by requiring developers to make games based on actual Peter Molyneux quotes… Continue reading