The 2013 Grimmys: Most Addictive Game of the Year

It’s not really up to us, we couldn’t put the game down. When we did, we kept coming back, again, and again, and again. Help. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Being a good neighbor is addictive enough, but this time we had mayoral responsibilities. Thankfully, when we didn’t have daily chores, we could take a relaxing… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: For the Kids Award

Universal appeal isn’t about popularity, it’s about accessibility and fun factor. This a game that all generations of gamers can appreciate together. Lego Marvel Super Heroes A perfect storm of cross-generational goodness. The most popular super heroes combined into the already winning formula of Legos games hooked both kids and adults. The great co-op made… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Best Moment of the Year

No matter your preference of drama, comedy, or action – this is the standout memory in gaming that will stick with all of us. Final Chapter –¬†Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons We never stood a chance against Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Its beautiful story comes together for a truly emotional conclusion that… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Worst First Impression

Game time should be a protected resource, and games should never underestimate the power of the first impression. Even if it managed to turn itself around, no game should start like this.¬† SimCity We have a level of understanding when it comes to launching online only games, not so much when the developer doesn’t provide… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Best Gameplay Gimmick

There’s always one part of a game that you will always remember. Its defining feature whether it is completely new, borrowed, improved, or just weird is what makes it worth playing. That was cool. We’d do that again. Wire Jacking – Gunpoint Taking control of a building and turning it into your own sandbox has… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Best Real Job

Losing yourself in fantastical settings is one thing, but games also explore more grounded topics like real occupations that real people do in their day-to-day life. After our on-the-job in-the-game training was complete, we could see ourselves paying the bills with this new career option. Trucker – Euro Truck Simulator 2 There was a moment… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Best Debut

New franchises need to be celebrated at this stage in video game history. This is the best new idea we’ve seen in a while. Gunpoint The complete package out of the gate, Gunpoint ran away with the puzzle platformer genre this year. It features memorable characters, fantastic writing, clever level design, great pacing, and enough… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Game Against Humanity Award

It’s true, video games do sometimes enable the player to commit some truly heinous acts. It’s also true, that some of these moments never stop being fun. Saints Row IV With great super powers comes great something, unless you already failed as President and are trapped in some alien computer simulation. Then, by all means… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Tingle Award for Worst Character

It’s quite simple, the mere existence of this character is offensive and a detriment to video games. Go away. Dr. James Whitman – Tomb Raider No doctor (or non-doctor for that matter) grated against its cast quite like Dr. Whitman. Instantly unlikable even before the plot embraces him. Every time he was on screen we… Continue reading