Game Association: Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat was released in arcades in 1992 before coming to consoles the following year. It’s impact at the time is probably just as large as its legacy that continues on into 2015 with the release of Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat? MORTAL KOMBAT! Cole – I remember my friend had a Prodigy account and he printed… Continue reading

Game Association: Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (NES)

In 1989 Tecmo published the action platformer Ninja Gaiden on the NES. It went on to spawn two more sequels on the console. The series stars Ryu Hayabusa, dramatic cutscenes, and a ridiculous difficulty. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on the NES = Cole – That’s really sad that dude’s dad had to die. – Shouldn’t Ryu’s dad have taken… Continue reading

One Answer: Zelda on Netflix Will Be Awesome?

Nintendo and Netflix are working together to develop a live-action series for The Legend of Zelda franchise. Hoo-boy, people had opinions on this. I, myself, shot the whole thing down from the get go. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this project could be shut down at any moment but maybe, just maybe, it survives and… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys Recap Show: Games of the Year Awards

Our 5th annual Grimmys is now in the books. Before we close the book on 2014, Josh Lee makes a surprise appearance to offer his opinion to Justin on the awards. Let’s see how many awards he thinks are “right.” This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the year awards. This… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Game of the Year

The best video game we played this year. Wolfenstein: The New Order Ok that was fun, but seriously how seriously can we take a Wolfenstein? BJ Blazkowicz made us care. He made us double take more times than we can count whether that reaction came from explosions or humanizing performances in an otherwise ridiculous alternate… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Indie Game of the Year

The best video game we played this year by an independent developer. Sportsfriends Sportsfriends allowed us to create some of our favorite gaming memories. We made new friends, damaged old one’s in the best way, and did it all over again with a different game in the package. There’s some great couch multiplayer here, but… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Music of the Year

The best video game soundtrack or song that we couldn’t get out of our heads this year. Transistor – Darren Korb and Supergiant Games Supergiant knows atomosphere and Darren Korb completed Transistor’s with yet another haunting soundtrack. With or without the humming, the music will stick with you long after you finish the game. Finalists… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Indie Developer of the Year

The independent developer that impressed us the most this year. Deconstructeam – Gods Will Be Watching We have nothing but respect for Deconstructeam’s dedication to God Will Be Watching’s design. Even the perfect plan can break due to unforeseen circumstances. Knock the difficulty down and the game will break you in different ways. Not all… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Local Multiplayer Game of the Year

The best game to play on a full couch this year. Sportsfriends Separate these games out and they may sweep the category. Add them together and they are an unstoppable good time. The bruises suffered from JS Joust rival those suffered from our Pole Riders. There’s something for everyone here, every time. Finalists The Jackbox… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Mobile Game of the Year

The best game we played this year on any mobile platform. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone is too easy to play, not to play it. Not just because it’s the most accessible collectible card video game, well, ever, but because that game experience transfers so well between a desktop and a tablet. For most of us, it’s… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Co-op Game of the Year

The best cooperative game we played this year that only got better with our best gaming friends. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Featured one of our memorable gaming marathons this year, Diablo III came a long way in 2015 thanks to the release of the expansion and subsequent content patches. Our co-op time with Reaper of Souls… Continue reading