Madden 11 has Flow

After not playing the Madden franchise in a few years, I decided to download the demo of Madden NFL 11 when it hit Xbox Live earlier this week. I played it for 2 quarters and 1 series in the second half and came to the conclusion that yep, it’s Madden alright. I was afraid that… Continue reading

So That Castlevania Puzzle Game On The iPhone Is Actually Good

First, I ripped on the concept. Then, I ripped on the developers. Next, I lamented about the future of my favorite franchise. Lastly, I scoffed at the price. Now, $5 and 8 hours of game time later, I’m happily eating my words. That’s right. Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night for the iPhone is an absolute… Continue reading

Blizzard Can Still Cut a StarCraft II Trailer

Sure, this trailer has made the rounds in the last week, but my jaw still hits the floor every time I watch it. We had to be sure that you witnessed the most underappreciated of Blizzard‘s skills. Regardless of what you think of their games, they produce the most dramatic and engrossing game trailers for… Continue reading

Subway Shenanigans Saturate Metro 2033

Oh those crazy Russians! They’ve been defeated with high school fueled guerrilla warfare, pummeled with Italian pugilism and now they’ve gone and nuked themselves into oblivion in THQ’s latest Metro 2033. Luckily for them and American filmmakers, the ever dangerous Russian machine is alive and well under the streets of Moscow. Metro 2033is a FPS game… Continue reading

Red Dead Addiction

I was a little behind on playing Red Dead Redemption, but when I finally played it, I was glad I had. One of the initial reasons why I avoided such a game is I seem to have a problem with games that take place in desert/post apocalyptic settings. I believe that it stems from my… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Holds Your Attention Ransom

The quality downloadable titles just keep coming. We have a new trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, but don’t let the PlayStation branding fool you, this game is coming to XBLA as well this August. Right now the game looks like an amped up version of the classic beat-em up, River City… Continue reading

Reward Yourself With Demon’s Souls

When a game gets its notoriety for being “the hardest game,” it turns a few heads. Last year, Atlus gambled where Sony didn’t and decided to release Demon’s Souls in North America. It was said to bring about a challenge level the likes of which we haven’t seen for decades. While this intrigued me, it… Continue reading

The Last Story Is Not Final Or Lost But Fast

Mistwalker may not stand out as a development studio to you at first, so how does the studio of the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, strike you? Good, I’m glad we are on the same page now. Sakaguchi has been dedicated to one project recently, and the trailer for that game, The Last Story… Continue reading