Games of Our Wives: World of Zoo

Saying my wife dislikes video games is like saying people who are lactose intolerant get uncomfortable after ingesting milk. Her disdain for my beloved form of entertainment has all the power of a post milkshake diarrhea blast and if she had it her way, the medium wouldn’t exist. Boy was I surprised when she walked… Continue reading

The Games of September: Moving and Reaching

After a summer full of cowboys, catching up on missed games, and tons of downloadable titles, it’s time to prepare your wallet for the onslaught of new games and hardware that is the end of the year. This month sees a couple of great franchises make their return, Sony tries their hand at motion controls,… Continue reading

Fine Arts Majors Find Employment in Diablo 3

Many expected a release date to be announced for Diablo 3 at Gamescom this year, but unfortunately Blizzard still hasn’t made anything official. However, the game was playable at the German game convention and details came out about a new game play element to be included in the threequel that will help with some pacing issues that … Continue reading

Resistance 3 Teaser May Produce Bowel Movements

The announcement of a game is usually followed up with a “trailer” (commonly referred to as a teaser) usually consisitng of none game footage or an overdramatic reveal of that particular games new logo, much to the disdain of myself and fellow Horrible Night writers. The brains behind the Resistance: Fall of Man franchise  must have been… Continue reading