Limited Special Collector’s Edition Opinions on the Expensive Versions of Upcoming Games

Remember when collector’s editions used to be the exception? Now, it seems like every game under the sun has a special version just because they can. I’ve taken a look at most the collector’s-ish edition games coming out this fall and holiday season. You may have different tastes in collectibles and games, but here’s what… Continue reading

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Review: A Dark and Twisty Road

What started as a curious investigation in a small town complete with its own deadly amusement park eventually led next to a diabolical encounter with a vampire. Now in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future things take a strange turn when the professor and his apprentice Luke find themselves in what appears to be London’s… Continue reading

Call of Battlefield: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta

Medal of Honor has already gotten its fair share of press amid controversy and criticism for originally making the Taliban a playable option in the multiplayer component of the game. Negative publicity aside,  the game is diving headfirst into the turbulent sea of Fall releases and its recent beta could determine whether it sinks or swims. Players… Continue reading

Vanquish Preview: Gears of War on Robot Crack

When I heard Shinji Mikami was working on a new title, I started to get pretty excited. If you don’t recognize the name, you’ll more than likely recognize his most popular creation in the Resident Evil series. That alone made it worthwhile to pursue any and all information on this mystery game, but when I found out… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: Monster Dash

The games of the App Store continue to copy and one-up each other more and more, which makes it hard to sort through the rip-off clones vs the great games that improve on tried and true gameplay. I wrote off Monster Dash at first as just a Canabalt clone, which happens to be one of… Continue reading

Halo: Reach Review: Until You Get It Perfect

After a decade, we have arrived at the end for Bungie developed Halo games. The series and its creators are both at a crossroads. Before we move on completely, we journey to Reach to see how the events of the rest of the series almost never happened. Will Halo: Reach rewrite the standards for prequels… Continue reading