Playing It Right – Truck Racer Sandwiches

Maybe we shouldn’t fight nature, but trucks aren’t natural. When it comes to Truck Racer it wears its intentions right in the title. That’s adorable. We came here to break your trucks and your trucks obliged. Mostly. For more video content from Horrible Night: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Join us live and follow on… Continue reading

A Second Chance For Diablo III – Part 1: Loot 2.0

Diablo 3 may be one of the most polarizing games to have been released in the last few years. On one side you have people who really enjoyed the third installment in the Diablo series and have poured hundreds of hours into the game. Standing on the opposite aisle are the individuals that absolutely hate… Continue reading

Gritty is the New Pretty: The Aesthetics of Grim Dawn

While I definitely like to “ohh” and “ahh” at the beautiful scenery and imaginative creatures I tend to find in fantasy games, I’ve recently found myself adrift in an ocean of cuteness. In a world where netting a wide audience is more important than satisfying a niche, cute has settled in as the status quo…. Continue reading

Radio Waves for 02/10/14

Look who’s back. Fresh off The 2013 Grimmys, it’s safe to say that video games definitely happened last year and they’re gonna continue happening this year. I’ve spent the last month returning to games that I’d barely cracked the surface on and pushed myself to get to the end credits, whether I wanted to or… Continue reading

Arcade Challenge of the Week – Commando

I wanted to start of the 2014 arcade challenges feeling like the true heroes that we are. One man against an entire army seemed like a great way to go about that. Commando delivered on that premise, however, it also reminded us that being a one man army isn’t a good tactic unless you are… Continue reading

Arcade Challenge of the Week – FixEight

Vertical shooters tend to flourish when you are controlling an overpowered aerial flying object, but we’ve flown enough recently. We wanted something grounded and with a bit more style than the classics soldier shooters like Commando and Ikari Warriors. I can’t say I know much about Toaplan’s catalog of shooters, but stumbling into FixEight has… Continue reading

Skewering Media Reports Never Gets Old

Here at Horrible Night, we’re kind of like family. And just like family, you know whose buttons to push to get them riled up, which is why the future Mrs. Lacey knew that I was the guy this story, brought to you by Indianapolis’ own WRTV 6, needed to go to. I’m not sure how… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Feed Us: Lost Island is Odell Lake’s Filthy Cousin

by with Comments Off on Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Feed Us: Lost Island is Odell Lake’s Filthy Cousin

When I was in grade school (grammar school for those time traveling to the future from the early 1800’s), I played a game called Odell Lake on the Macintosh computers we had at school. In the game, you played the role of one of many fish trying to survive in the titular lake. What was… Continue reading

Dear Starbound: Entry #1 – Everything Wants to Kill Me

12.06.13 – Birds and Their Stupid Flame Mouths I’ve explored my fair share of extraordinary locations, many of which featured people, places and things that wanted to kill me. Starbound is no exception. That being said, the world of Starbound appears to want me dead more so than most. Why is this? I’m not quite… Continue reading

Should You Early Access?

It’s worth noting that when I refer to early access, I am speaking about games both within and also outside of Steam’s actual Early Access program. I’m at a point right now where the majority of the games I play are in one of many “early access” forms. Whether through Steam’s program or elsewhere, it’s… Continue reading