Played The Long Dark: Icy Flashbacks

During my first winter living in Berlin, I discovered just how much I hate the cold. While being hot is uncomfortable, the cold is a more fearful brute, stalking you through streets, walls and layers of clothing. Living in a large, first world city definitely takes away the impact of the cold, however, as respite… Continue reading

A Second Chance For Diablo III – Part 1: Loot 2.0

Diablo 3 may be one of the most polarizing games to have been released in the last few years. On one side you have people who really enjoyed the third installment in the Diablo series and have poured hundreds of hours into the game. Standing on the opposite aisle are the individuals that absolutely hate… Continue reading

Darkest Dungeon Smashes Kickstarter Goal with 14 days Left

Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon has not only achieved its Kickstarter goal, it’s done so in spectacular fashion. With 14 days left, the “challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring” is already 300% funded, a testament to its intriguing take on the genre as well as its unique art direction. I think the… Continue reading

Banished Reflex Review: City Planning with Natural Consequences

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone going on and on about the effects of humanity’s overpopulation of the Earth. While I’m not proud of the damage we’ve done to our fair planet, as an unbelievably successful species, it’s kind of tough to be upset that we’re progressing so rapidly.  The dodo… Continue reading

Gritty is the New Pretty: The Aesthetics of Grim Dawn

While I definitely like to “ohh” and “ahh” at the beautiful scenery and imaginative creatures I tend to find in fantasy games, I’ve recently found myself adrift in an ocean of cuteness. In a world where netting a wide audience is more important than satisfying a niche, cute has settled in as the status quo…. Continue reading

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Announced with Extra Beef and Trailer

I really liked Space Pirates and Zombies, so much so that I decided I’d harass the creators for one of the first interviews I did on our site. What I found out was that not only were they incredible developers, they were extremely nice guys as well, providing us with some Steam codes for SPAZ to… Continue reading

Wizardtrain187’s Games of The Year 2013

2013 has been a strange year for me for gaming. I’ve found myself especially distracted by Steam Early Access and other programs that allow me to play games in their alpha or beta stage, thus my time with full releases has been somewhat limited. Additionally, I found myself anticipating releases more than actually playing those… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Feed Us: Lost Island is Odell Lake’s Filthy Cousin

by with Comments Off on Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Feed Us: Lost Island is Odell Lake’s Filthy Cousin

When I was in grade school (grammar school for those time traveling to the future from the early 1800’s), I played a game called Odell Lake on the Macintosh computers we had at school. In the game, you played the role of one of many fish trying to survive in the titular lake. What was… Continue reading