Crysis 2 Reflex Review: Future Imperfect

Aside from playing the multiplayer beta and demo, I intentionally barricaded myself from any hype that may have surrounded Crysis 2 before it’s release. I have to admit, I never played the original, but once I got my hands on the beta and demo I was hooked. I went ahead and preordered it in case there… Continue reading

Speaking Code: Unreal

In the game development world – a world that I like to believe is made up primarily of goblins, orcs, and wizards waving wands with green and red sparks and purple smoke floating around in formation – there is a tendency to migrate toward one platform or the other. The reason this happens is almost… Continue reading

Minecraft and the Great Gaming Divide

In a recent mailing list showing the top stories of the day I noticed that the top story was one about how its nearly impossible to make money on big budget games for a lot of developers. In the same list, the second-to-top story talks about Minecraft, a game developed on $0 budget by… Continue reading

Speaking Code: Euphoria

What is a game engine? The most important aspect of most commercial video games in existence today is the game engine. You can think of the game engine like a car engine: the engine is what makes the car move, the different engines tell you how reliable the car will be, how fast it can… Continue reading

Instant Action, a game changer?

Games in your Browser! G4 recently posted an article that consisted entirely of a 20 minute playable demo of the PC game, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. The post uses a service called Instant Action to embed what is essentially a rich media Java-based game launcher. The launcher works by clicking a button… Continue reading

Halo: Reach Anticipation

Ever since the good old LAN party days of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, I’ve been a lover of all things multiplayer. These days if a game doesn’t have a replayable multiplayer experience then I simply don’t have much respect for the game. That said, I do concede that there is still a place… Continue reading


Since this post will serve as my debut into the video game writing/review/criticism world I decided to start with a fantastic game that really sums me up in a single word. To introduce myself, these days on the web I am generally referred to as Pixelmixer. My real name happens to be Dustin Sparks. During… Continue reading

Massage Me Available on XBLA

A new indie game, Massage Me, is now available on XBLA for 240 points. The game seems to be a sexually direct “play with your Xbox controller not yourself” kind of game. The main feature of the game is to send vibrations to other players, via XBL local multiplayer, who then feel those vibrations that… Continue reading