Super Mario Maker – Games of 2015

There were a lot of reasons to doubt Nintendo in 2015. I’ve never been more worried about a major Mario release than I was for Super Mario Maker. Despite being indoctrinated since before Issue #1 of Nintendo Power, I still hadn’t learned to trust the plumber and I didn’t want Mario Maker to be half-assed…. Continue reading

Grow Home – Games of 2015

BUD is endearing from the second you hit the start button. The world of Grow Home is a strange but beautiful combination nature and technology. I got lost for a minute just looking around to try to figure out how everything went together. The moment I started climbing up the bean stalk though, all of… Continue reading

Cities: Skylines – Games of 2015

Oh god, what have I done? Cities: Skylines is the city simulator I had been waiting for since my childhood. Sure, there were a few good ones inbetween now and then, but that desire reached a fever pitch when my hype level was destroyed by the defacto city simulator game that will not be named…. Continue reading

Pac-Man 256 – Games of 2015

Not that I needed much selling beyond the fact that Crossy Road developer, Hipster Whale, was working on a Pac-Man game, but Pac-Man getting chased by a kill screen the entire time is a nice bonus. The zeitgeist in my office around the release of this game was intense. One minute we’re all figuring out… Continue reading

JDevL’s Games of the Year 2015

Justin Lacey finally opens up about video games from 2015. A good bad horror experience goes a long way, but would it be better with monsters or squids? Can Cole get Justin to actually listen to himself? Subscribe Horrible Night on SoundCloud New RSS Feed New iTunes Feed TuneIn Feed (Coming Soon) New Stitcher Feed… Continue reading

Kingdom – Games of 2015

  The biggest hurdle that most indie games have is standing apart from the crowded new release list. As a gamer it’s a goddamn crap shoot to even figure which trailers and screenshots that I’m going to give a second look. This is a great problem, but it made me mistakenly think Kingdom was something… Continue reading

Mortal Kombat X – Games of 2015

  Since I’m not really too into the fighting game scene, I have a lot of trouble figuring out how long the lifespan of a great fighting game should be. Mortal Kombat 9 is easily my favorite fighting game of all time. Honestly, I was ok with leaving that as my final MK experience. However,… Continue reading

Heroes of the Storm – Games of 2015

If it weren’t for a few other amazing multiplayer games released this year, Heroes of the Storm may have never let me go. Blizzard almost had me.  It’s no knock on the game, but I”m glad I’m free enough to enjoy some casual HotS. MOBAs are not my thing, they still terrify me from both… Continue reading

Lara Croft GO – Games of 2015

GO Team is onto something. They got to the core of Hitman, but I wasn’t sure how distilling down Tomb Raider would turn out. I figured it would be too slow or other turn-based issues would get in the way of it actually feeling like Tomb Raider. Before the end of the first stage it… Continue reading

2015 Games of the Colefacekilla

Cole Monroe finally opens up about video games from 2015. It turns out that playing competitive games with your friends goes even farther than seeing one of your favorite genres mastered in the modern era. Justin couldn’t agree more. Subscribe Horrible Night on SoundCloud New RSS Feed New iTunes Feed TuneIn Feed (Coming Soon) New… Continue reading

Rebel Galaxy – Games of 2015

I always figured that there was a reason that I haven’t been able to fly through space very often in video games. That’s why the make or break moment for me in Rebel Galaxy was so simple – how does it feel to jump to lightspeed? Double Damage figured that out and then some. Point… Continue reading