I Learned Something Today: Portal

Though my life was constantly in danger, after successfully making it through all of GLaDOS’s trials, I can’t help but acknowledge a few nuggets of wisdom I picked up in my journey through Portal which I will now share with you. The Lessons of Portal Take control of the cake. My legs need to be… Continue reading

Red Dead Addiction

I was a little behind on playing Red Dead Redemption, but when I finally played it, I was glad I had. One of the initial reasons why I avoided such a game is I seem to have a problem with games that take place in desert/post apocalyptic settings. I believe that it stems from my… Continue reading

InRapture(d) Again

Well, the sequel to the game that won game of the year in 2008 has come out. BioShock 2 brings you back to the underwater city of Rapture, where you get to fill some big, not to mention heavy, shoes. The campaign starts off revealing your role as a big daddy prototype. It’s been ten… Continue reading