The 2014 Grimmys: Old Game of the Year

It didn’t actually come out this year, but we still couldn’t stop playing and talking about it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution A combination of fanatic, stealthy completionists along with some first-timers made us pine for more cyber espionage in our lives. Finalists The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Borderlands 2 The 2014 Grimmys Day… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Day Two Awards

Games of the year deliberations and award selections continue on. Day Two features old games, disappointments, promises, fast games, and overachievers. Nothing goes as planned, sometimes that is a good thing. This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the year awards. This show was recorded live on The 2014 Grimmys… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Video Game Ass Video Game of the Year

Just play the game. Don’t think about it. It’s a simple escape, after all. Experience the purity of what it means to be the most video game. It’s having as much fun as you are. Sunset Overdrive Trying to keep up with Sunset Overdrive should be exhausting, but getting around an open world has never… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Best Truckz

We support vehicular mayhem. Video game “trucks” have special qualities that either defy the laws of physics entirely or hold them too close with hilarious consequences. This truck went places it was never intended to go, and in that moment, we became one with the truck. Elephant – Far Cry 4 One defining feature of… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Day One Awards

Day One of The 2014 Grimmys. Join Justin, Cole, Coop, Aaron, Justin G, Jason and Jordan for five days of deliberations and award selections for the games of the year. Day One features butts, bros, truckz, gunz, and the most video game. This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the year… Continue reading

Just Watched #103 – WWE Road to the Rumble and NXT Steals the Show

Justin and Cole had to dust off after TLC to try to find some hope for WWE. Luckily, hope returned from injury 3 times in a month and that doesn’t even include the flawless NXT pay-per-view. The Royal Rumble can’t come fast enough now. Just Watched – A spoiler filled discussion about whatever we just watched from wherever… Continue reading