Co-op Clash: Contra: Where Rivals Became Friends

Throughout history there have been partnerships that have saved the universe. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Tango and Cash. Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. But none of these duos have ever reached the heights of fame as well as infamy as two guys who go by the code names of Mad Dog and Scorpion. However,… Continue reading

Super Mario 3D Land Review: 3D Made Easy

Mario hasn’t had the most stellar history when it comes to games being released on Nintendo’s mobile platforms. Super Mario Land was as drastic a departure from the Super Mario Bros. style as Super Mario Bros. 2 was. Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins would correct that jag and is completely recognizable as the… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Skills of the Sky

The holiday season is upon us and I feel thankful for the opportunity to be in such a giving mood this week. Below you’ll find two short videos from the world of gaming that are ridiculous in nature, but pretty cool examples of what us weirdos in the video game universe come up with when… Continue reading

You’re Gonna Get It Anyway: Nintendo 3DS

I’ve never been what you might call a “hardcore” handheld gamer. In fact, I’ve only had a passing interest in a few of Nintendo’s offerings. Having owned a few of Nintendo’s handhelds over the years, I always used the systems as supplementary to my main gaming consoles. I’d be really interested in the handhelds immediately… Continue reading

The Adventures of Bayou Billy Retro Review: No Big Easy Mode

The Adventures of Bayou Billy might have flown under many radars when it was first released in North American in June of 1989. It had previously been released under the nom de guerre “Mad City” in August 1988 in Japan, where surprisingly it was much easier than its region 1 counterpart. Because¬†Bayou Billy was so… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Banjo-Kazooie

The world can be a dangerous place full of witches, ogres, metal sharks, and perhaps even a talking toilet. You never know what those baddies will do to you. So going alone is not an option. You need friends to help you along the way. Some you meet, some you’ve known for years. They are… Continue reading

Think of the Children: Video Games are A-OK

When we first started talking about coming up with a charity arm of Horrible Night, I became excited. Until that point, it had never dawned on me that we could take this passion of ours and use it for a good cause. Video games have been painted in such a negative light by the media… Continue reading