I’m a Video Game Watcher

I have always been okay with watching other people play video games. Sure, there are times when I’d like to be the one playing, but sometimes I’d just like to see the story without actually having to go through the ordeal of actually physically controlling the characters. Recently I’ve noticed myself watching a lot more… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Final Fantasy VI

I’ve been known to go on many adventures. My wife always refers to the next adventure as my final one. However, for my latest adventure I had a trick up my sleeve. I would name it two different things to help in the confusion. Is this the third adventure or the sixth? She couldn’t keep… Continue reading

The Summer Hype Hangover

Video game conventions like PAX and E3 mainly serve one purpose: to get the game buying public excited about upcoming releases. The fact that you can get hands on time with games that are currently in development helps to build a buzz for both positive and negative experiences. The bad thing about E3, for gamers… Continue reading

The E3 Experience: Genuine Surprise

Over the past few years I’ve been extremely excited for all things E3. I wanted to see the surprises, the new hardware, and the complete misses (laser tag?). No matter how high my excitement level or how low the factor of disappointment, I always appreciated what E3 had to offer. This year, that started to… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: Going to Hell with Diablo III Part 1: Back to Computer Gaming

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Diablo III. It’s arguably the biggest release of the year so far (notice I said arguably Mass Effect 3 fans). I have been pretty meh about the hype surrounding this game but I was never really that interested in the series as a whole. I remember watching friends play Diablo and Diablo II on many… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Trials Evolution

When I was a child my grandpa gave my sister and I a motorcycle ride. We didn’t go very far, just cruised around his neighborhood. However, when we got to the top of a hill cul-de-sac he slowed down to a stop and ended up dumping both my sister and I off. We weren’t injured… Continue reading

Video Game MD: Xenoblade Chronicles

When I was a teenager, I kept a secret. In between my busy schedule of sports and girls, I wanted to save the world. I wanted to gather a group of my friends to go on an adventure with me. I don’t necessarily think that we fit in the classical archetypes seen in many Japanese… Continue reading