Backlog Commandos #104 – The Wolf Among Us

Kenny can’t sway Cole, but that won’t stop him finishing The Wolf Among Us. He loves the comic series so he has to love the game, right? Don’t worry Cole finds a way to talk about wrestling and anime, too. Backlog Commandos – Playing through our growing stack of games, one game at a time. Play along… Continue reading

Potato Bumps #103 – NXT TakeOver Unstoppable

The Bout It Kid, Jim Brown, debuts and everything goes to hell. Scheduling and audio problems be damned, Justin tries to justify marking out all over NXT Unstoppable in front of someone not used to seeing demons and women steal the show. (Apologies for the audio issues that occurred during the recording of this episode…. Continue reading

Horrible Video Game Podcast #104 – Neverending Monster Party

Guest Justin is still on a BioWare binge, but he has taken a break from hunting dragons to control a monster of his own. Host Justin suggests a western or space ninja detour. Plus the science of gamer brains and more. Horrible Video Game Podcast – Justin wants to know what his guest has been playing and has some… Continue reading