Game Curious Death Skid Marks – Freak Road

I never liked Driver’s Education. The classroom just made me nervous. Once I was out on the road and narrowly avoided my first wreck, that’s when things made sense. My advice is to skip Car Combat Education. Just get out there and become your own Death Skid Marks. I promise you make it farther the… Continue reading

Game Curious The Swindle – Rob Me, Amadeus

Imagine that you’ve spent your entire life training for something and then you learn that those skills could become absolutely useless? I’m not talking about Liberal Arts, but the well-respected act of English thievery. Ah, the grace of breaking-and-entering. The beauty of hacking a computer hooked directly into a bank account. The majesty of hitting a robot with a… Continue reading

Game Curious Grow Home – Wanna Get High, BUD?

There’s something wonderfully symbiotic about a robot trying to reach the sky by helping plants grow. It also makes it a lot safer for us humans who are scared of heights and can’t climb well. For me personally, the falls are just as entertaining as reaching new heights. My robot, B.U.D., may not agree. Grow… Continue reading

Potato Bumps #105 – Let’s Book SummerSlam 2015

Justin and Cole have already moved beyond the next WWE special and are looking forward to SummerSlam. We recap the current state of the WWE and attempt to realistically and fantastically predict the next 2 months of action in WWE and NXT. Potato Bumps – The professional wrestling podcast from the personalities of For booking… Continue reading

Horrible Video Game Podcast #105 – Tearful BJ

Guest Justin has taken care of the Nazis and runs home to Nathan Fillion before rebuilding his family. Host Justin wants him to fight the Predator with lies and trivia questions. Plus the right way to play with action figures. Horrible Video Game Podcast – Justin wants to know what his guest has been playing and has… Continue reading

Game Curious Environmental Station Alpha – Should I Be Here?

Why do all powerless space stations want to kill me? Just once I’d like to find a derelict space station that is preserving happiness for the next explorer that shows up. Maybe it’s that drive to find my happy place in the remote reaches of the universe that makes me want to risk my life on jumps… Continue reading

Super Gaming Best Friends #408 – No That’s Much Darker

Jordan witched better than anyone and celebrates in space. Aaron thinks high school is strange, but luckily brought some cards. Justin finally settles on the car, but it could be radiation talking. Plus cyber eyeballs, banned games, and Metroid terror. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on… Continue reading