Dead Space 2 Reveal Trailer

Isaac Clarke may have survived his harrowing first encounter with the Necromorphs, but it doesn’t look like his sanity was as fortunate. In the reveal trailer “Dementia” for Dead Space 2 with the help of Rorschach testing we dive into the mind of Isaac as he relives the nightmare of the incidents from 2008’s horrifying hit Dead Space. Surprisingly, we actually get a look at the face of our protagonist before he suits up again.

Overall, it’s a very stylish trailer and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when they heard the atmospheric and frightening sound effects that stood out so much from the first game. I have high hopes for this sequel to my favorite game from 2008, but next to nothing is shown as far as gameplay, setting, or story goes. Right now, I’m excited, but skeptical as reports have said that Visceral Games feels they made the first game too scary to play and will be toning down the horror while focusing on increasing the action. However, this trailer merely just serves to whet your appetite, and for me, other fans of the first game, and Isaac in the trailer), it causes us to relive those intense dismemberment-filled nights we spent on the USG Ishimura.