Blur Beta is Powered-Up

Hazardous Conditions Ahead

As of this writing I’ve put in probably a couple hours of racing into Bizarre’s upcoming racing game. I’ll just start here by saying that in that time I think the game is awesome! It’s a fast paced (thankfully, being a racing game), exhilarating and intense, and incredibly fun title. The game demo comprises of an online multiplayer beta with four or five tracks and a number of different game types and unlockables that are earned by gaining “fans” and ranking up.

Blur has been described as a mix of Mario Kart and Forza. It’s like Mario Kart (or maybe closer to Wipeout) in the fact that it’s a weapons/power-ups battle style racing game. I’m not going to get into all of the different power-ups, but there are 8 different ones and they are all fun to use (well maybe the repair isn’t fun to use, but it’s definitely necessary!) If Blur is like Forza it’s just because the cars are actual licensed cars. The handling of the cars, though, is more arcade-like and might actually be closer to something like Burnout. The fact that they are real cars is sort of weird, given the huge electrified powerups and the style of the game. Something about those two things doesn’t really mix with real world cars, but at the same time I don’t care. I guess a positive to real cars is a more easily identifiable upgrade from one car to the next. Everyone knows that a Ford GT is way cooler than a Ford Focus.

Visually, Blur is pretty stellar. The style they went with really works well with the gameplay. I think Bizarre likes neon colors, but that’s cool. Mixed with the grungy look and stylized lighting effects it comes together looking great. Even more impressive is the audio in the game. I’m always a fan of good audio, but every power-up has it’s own personality just from the audio alone. The way the cars sound on the different surfaces draws you more into the environment and all-in-all the audio gives the game a really “powerful” and intense feel.

Anyway… I could get into more detail, but this is my first impression: KICK ASS!

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Additional Impressions

(Blue Awesome) Any game that can simultaneously remind me of Super Mario Kart and Chase HQ AND make me have crazy hallucinations while driving in real life is a must-buy. Seriously though, Blur is a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for the full version. I think some more power-ups would be a nice addition, but for all I know that could be in the full game.

(JDevL) The demo made a believer out of me, and I’ve cut myself off after getting to level 9 so that I can enjoy the final release as much as possible. The sheer amount of chaos that happens at the first batch of power-ups on a crowded track is just blissful. Incorporating the leveling up, unlocks, and load outs as seen in current multiplayer shooters is also a nice touch. I haven’t quite figured out how to take sharp turns or how to properly slide around corners yet, but that’s about the only nitpicky improvement that I would like at this point. Also, let’s face it, the more techno music the better.

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  1. endlessben

    I’m looking forward to getting to this. With all of the innumerable racing games out there, it always took something extra to grab my attention. I actually found a couple of the Need For Speed games pretty addicting.

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