Colefacekilla’s Games of the Year 2010

Colefacekilla's Games of the Year 2010

It’s that time of year again, where I look back at all the things I accomplished and look forward to 2011. Since I didn’t accomplish much in my real life, I have to look at the video games I played to find any semblance of self worth within. That being said, I couldn’t come up with a top ten list of games released in calendar year 2010 so I’m doing a top 5. Then I’ll do a top ten list of games I played this year which will include games from last year, because they deserve to be mentioned.

Colefacekilla’s Top 5 Games of the Year 2010

  1. Mass Effect 2 (360)
  2. Red Dead Redemption (ps3)
  3. Costume Quest (360)
  4. Halo: Reach (360)
  5. Dance Central (360)

1) Mass Effect 2 (360) As Much as I’ve talked about this game on the podcast, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that this is my favorite game of 2010. The improvements made over the first game are enough to not make anyone go back to it. There is so much to say about this game and I don’t have the space to do it here. Just take my advice: go play this game. I guarantee you will not regret it. Oh and Mass Effect 3 is on the horizon…

2) Red Dead Redemption (PS3) I played this game on the PS3 before I owned the 360 and have seriously considering purchasing it on the 360 just to play it again (and get the achievement points). I have never bought the same game twice in the same year and I would happily do that with Red Dead. I used to be a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series but grew tired of the repetitive nature of those games. Even though Red Dead is a similar game to the GTA games, it stands out as the best Rockstar has offered up to this point.

If this image alone doesn't get you interested, he needs to shoot you.

3) Costume Quest (360) Unlikely to show up on many game of the year lists, it shows up on mine because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s simple and repetitive gameplay might be looked down upon by some, but the story and idea behind the game is what really drew me in. Trick-or-treating can still be fun for adults.

4) Halo: Reach (360) I’m admittedly not a Halo fan-boy/girl like some other people associated with this site (ahem Christina) but I did enjoy Bungie’s final take on the series. It’s the first Halo game I ever finished and I was satisfied with my purchase. The thing that most people enjoy is what I disliked the most, the multiplayer. It just wasn’t different enough from the previous games in the series for my liking. That being said, I really enjoyed the single player story and had an emotional reaction when certain characters met their maker. Any game that can make me do that is one I’ll remember.

5) Dance Central (360) When I first saw this game unveiled at E3 earlier this year, I knew it was a game that my wife and I could enjoy together. Even though I can’t dance, I was right. No matter what kind of setting you are in, by yourself or at a party, the game draws you in by making you look ridiculous. There is no shame in my game, and I have no shame when I’m dancing to Rump Shaker. I don’t care who you are or how good your poppin’ fresh dance moves are, you’ll have fun with this game and that’s all that matters.

Chest Pump. Hitch Hike. Best of 2010.

Colefacekilla’s Top 10 Games Played in the Year 2010

  1. Mass Effect 2 (360)
  2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
  3. Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
  4. Assassin’s Creed II (360)
  5. Mass Effect (360)
  6. Shadow Complex (360)
  7. Costume Quest (360)
  8. Trials HD (360)
  9. Halo: Reach (360)
  10. Dance Central (360)

2) Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) I borrowed this game from The Prophecy and I’m glad I did. It become one of my favorite games of all time earlier this year. What an amazing collection of everything Batman that’s also a kick ass video game no matter who the main character would be. Another game I’ll buy on the 360 just to get those achievement points. It’s definitely worth another playthrough even though I completed everything there is to do in the single player game.

I need to play this again.

4) Assassin’s Creed II (360) The beneficial thing about buying a game a couple of months after it’s been released is that you can get really great games for $20. Yeah, that’s how much I paid for this game. It was a risk after being so disappointed in the first Assassin’s Creed, but one I would take over and over again if it meant I’d get to play something as great as Assassin’s Creed II.

5) Mass Effect (360) It was the first game I downloaded after buying my 360 earlier this year. I knew it was a great game but I didn’t realize how involved and obsessive I would get with the story and side quests.  I love worlds that have huge histories behind them and want to learn as much about them as I can. The Mass Effect series definitely has that in spades and I think that’s why I love the series so much.

6) Shadow Complex (360) There is nothing better than this game on Xbox Live Arcade. Everything you love about Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in a nice little downloadable package and only $15! 2010 was a resurgent year for me in terms of gaming and this was one of the games that led the way. If a $15 download can get you to purchase a $300 console, then it must be great.

Sometimes meatsacks can take down mechs, Gifftor.

8) Trials HD (360) Every once in awhile I’ll fire this game up and play it for about 20 minutes before I get too frustrated to continue. That being said, it’s that frustration that makes me love Trials. The games of today are a lot easier than the games of my childhood and this game harkens back to those days of throwing the controller at the TV.

Couldn't let you leave without a Mass Effect 2 image.

There’s a lot of games out there that I still need and want to play. Check back here next year as I unveil the best games I played in 2011, many of them released in 2010. Games like Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Limbo, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It looks like I’ve got a busy year ahead of me and I wouldn’t want it to be any different.


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