Halo: Reach Anticipation

Ever since the good old LAN party days of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, I’ve been a lover of all things multiplayer. These days if a game doesn’t have a replayable multiplayer experience then I simply don’t have much respect for the game. That said, I do concede that there is still a place for a good single player game that is entirely based on story, an RPG for example.

Multiplayer Innovation

An issue that arises with a lot of multiplayer experiences is that it can get boring after a while (see Mapathy). One of the major sufferers of Mapathy, which I will redefine here as “boredom caused by repetitious gameplay”, is the Halo series. The Halo series has suffered quite a bit from a lack of innovation in its gameplay, multiplayer in specific. There are a few notable shortfalls in Halo, one being the “Old School” mode where weapons are scattered about the map. The problem with this type is that, unless you’re the fastest one to the power-weapons you might end up running around with needlers.

Halo: Reach Skulls Gameplay

Halo: Reach Skulls Gameplay (Image via GiantBomb)


Bungie has finally noted the weapons issue and will start to offer “loadouts” or “kits” that give players a certain set of weapons depending on which map they happen to be playing on. They have also taken note of a few other issues like gametype mapathy and improved matchmaking and improved party systems.

Halo: Reach Customization Concepts

Halo: Reach customization concepts (Image via GiantBomb)

Final Opinion

Personally, I am looking forward to Halo: Reach. I was always a Halo fan boy, and always will be deep inside. There is a hint of skepticism since I wasn’t much of a fan of Halo 3, so before I really commit to another Halo game I am going to wait and see how things like the loadouts, maps, and new gametypes are implemented.


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