The 2015 Grimmys: Moment of the Year

Moment of the Year

Above all else, what will you remember the most about a game from this year?

How we chose the winner/finalists for Moment of the Year – Starting at 1:53:45

The Grimmy Goes To

Bloody Baron’s Baby (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
Once The Witcher 3 opens you up to its truly massive world, it isn’t long before it hits you in the gut with the most memorable quest line in the game. Getting to know the Bloody Baron is in an event in and of itself, but he may not be who he appears to be initially. We all remember how we chose to handle the events around his baby and the conversations we had to have about it with our friends. Plus, the whole scene served as a horrifying introduction to the game’s bestiary which was hard to look at the same way again.


  • Saw Blade Scene (Until Dawn)
  • Office Battle in Episode 4 (Tales from Borderlands)

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