Game Curious The Swindle – Rob Me, Amadeus

Imagine that you’ve spent your entire life training for something and then you learn that those skills could become absolutely useless? I’m not talking about Liberal Arts, but the well-respected act of English thievery. Ah, the grace of breaking-and-entering. The beauty of hacking a computer hooked directly into a bank account. The majesty of hitting a robot with a tiny bat repeatedly, venting out all of your life choice frustrations with each swing! Anyway, I have 100 days to up my thief game and steal a security measure that will somehow stop all thieving. Seems legit.

The Swindle was released on July 28, 2015 and is available on PC and PS4.

Game Curious – Don’t get ahead of yourself, game, this is just a date. It could be something special or we might have to go our separate ways. That being said, you are quite attractive.