Potato Bumps #105 – Let’s Book SummerSlam 2015

PBW 105Justin and Cole have already moved beyond the next WWE special and are looking forward to SummerSlam. We recap the current state of the WWE and attempt to realistically and fantastically predict the next 2 months of action in WWE and NXT.

Potato Bumps – The professional wrestling podcast from the personalities of HorribleNight.com. For booking predictions and more pro wrestling nonsense visit PotatoBumps.com

Theme song – Doomsday Afterparty by Kubbi

Show Notes

Cast: Cole, Justin

Runtime: 1:17:42

Topic Summary

  • How did we get here?
  • SummerSlam Predictions
    • Heavyweight Title
    • Intercontinental Title
    • US Title
    • Other Wrestlers
    • Tag Team Division
    • Divas
  • NXT Takeover Predictions
    • NXT Title
    • Contenders
    • Tag Team Division
    • Women’s Division
  • Who should Kevin Owens fight at Wrestlemania?

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