E3 15: Recap Show

E3 2015E3 2015 started a few days early this year and never let up. What just happened? Justin, Aaron, Cole, and Josh relive the highs and lows of the press conferences, find their favorite games, and makes some predictions for 2016.

This is a special event podcast episode for E3 2015. If you want to see more on the games and press conferences we discuss we recommend GameSpot’s recap articles and videos.

Show Notes

Cast: Justin, Aaron, Cole, Josh

Topic Summary

  • Initial Impressions
  • Press Conferences
    • Bethesda
    • Microsoft
    • EA
    • Ubisoft
    • Sony
    • Nintendo
    • Square Enix
  • Other Games
  • What was missing?
  • What should be at E3 2016?
  • How are 2015’s games looking now?

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