Game Curious Brutal Doom v20 – Giddy with Gore

The Doom mod community is ridiculous. Best encapsulated by the fact that there are now 20 versions of Brutal Doom which is the only recent mod I’ve played and therefore my favorite. The addition of death throes, dismemberments, modern weapons, and modern FPS controls make Doom feel like new again. So much fun my face hurts.

Mod Info:

Requires Core Retail Games: The Ultimate Doom and/or Doom II: Hell on Earth

Install Guide

Mods I Used:
1) Brutal Doom v20
2) Zandronum
3) DoomMetalVol4 (music)

Game Curious – Don’t get ahead of yourself, game, this is just a date. It could be something special or we might have to go our separate ways. That being said, you are quite attractive.