Hey! Puppy! The Dogs of Fallout

I get really nervous when I see dogs in modern games, especially when they are companion characters. In most games I have a hard enough time keeping my human character alive, but I’m not wracked with guilt when I fail my human companions. When I fail a dog though, that’s much hard to take. However, when Dog and I triumph or Dog saves my life, there’s no better companion to celebrate with. Dogs come with great responsibility, and Fallout treats them with the respect they deserve. Good pup.


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2 Comments Hey! Puppy! The Dogs of Fallout

  1. Nicole

    I also feel incredibly guilty when I don’t take them with me. Especially in Dragon Age and your Mabari does his sad whine.

  2. Justin Lacey

    I hate that. Because the main reason I wouldn’t take them with me is because I didn’t want them to die. I wanted Dogmeat to be safe in Fallout 3.

    Apparently he can’t die in Fallout 4 though. Heezagoodboy.

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