Played Rogue Legacy – Make this Roguelike-like Co-op-like

I owe my coworkers an apology. We wanted to find a game that was easy to pick-up-and-play single player but make progress overall as a group. Usually this means loading up a retro game with save states, but before we dug around for that I thought we’d try something more recent. Rogue Legacy seemed like a great fit because you can easily jump in and do one run through the castle and be done. At this point though, we need an intervention and we’re not even halfway through the game. Others have gone on to buy the game and are experiencing the same addiction I had when it came out. I’m afraid their late night marathons may start affecting personal lives at home and it’s all my fault. Well, I guess Cellar Door Games deserves some credit, too.

Rogue Legacy

How many legacy should I leave?

In the beginning it was innocent. The first batch of runs through the castle in Rogue Legacy are what I predicted. They are perfect. Short and self-contained with a quick story to tell. New players are frustrated, but curious. Experienced players forgot how bad they are without their power-ups and start misremembering every detail about the game. Everyone sees things in the game that they haven’t seen before.

Next, a goal is set. We are going to beat these bosses and honor the player who accomplishes each feat. Team achievements. We just gamified a video game. The time for fun is over.

We’ve started to note the difference between a good run and a bad run. On a good run, the team must come together for an upgrade conference to discuss how the gold will be spent. Controller preferences change without warning. Make sure you double check your runes. Should we lock the castle down? Is it time to go after the boss?

Rogue Legacy Boss 2

We are prepared.

The first boss falls and there is much celebration. However, the forest awaits and if your run is going to amount for anything you’ve got to focus and make the most of your time. Quick runs through the castle mean disappointment and a waste of a turn. People are counting on you. We must have gold. The grind has begun. We will do this together. The second boss falls, but the room is quiet. We are only halfway there, are you sure you are up for this?

That escalated quickly. But we will not stop. We cannot stop. The legacy of our collective and defective genes are on the line.

Rogue Legacy is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One.