One Answer: Zelda on Netflix Will Be Awesome?


That’s scary good looking – Amouranth on DeviantArt

Nintendo and Netflix are working together to develop a live-action series for The Legend of Zelda franchise. Hoo-boy, people had opinions on this. I, myself, shot the whole thing down from the get go. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this project could be shut down at any moment but maybe, just maybe, it survives and is awesome. That’s a much more pleasant outlook.What do you think, Horrible Night?

The Legend of Zelda Netflix series will be awesome!

– I can only really imagine a Legend of Zelda series working is if the story revolved around a child version of link and mirrored the grandiose adventure of something like The Never Ending Story and the dark narrative of Pan’s Labyrinth (Jordan)

– Giving Link the opportunity to use the hookshot on Navi, splattering her like the obnoxious bug she is, and gutting Tingle with the Master Sword never could have been done on network television or Captain N. I’m anticipating a full-on Game of Thrones treatment here, including the obligatory Ganon-strolling-naked-through-the-moonlight glorious ass shot. (Justin G)

– The best feature of The Legend of Zelda live action series is that each season is self-contained. We will get new heroes in a new time with each new season. Actors can carry over but the Hero of Time will be much diffferent than the Hero of Seasons. And don’t get me started on the whimsy coming your way during The Minish Cap season. (Justin L)

Take this!

– I look forward to seeing the ridiculous tropes of Zelda brought to real life. Navi’s, “HEY!” will infect popular culture as will holding random stuff way above your head like you found it in a treasure chest. (Kenny)

Bows were the hot ticket for a while there, but with Zelda I can’t wait until the deluge of ocarina players and people conducting them fills our streets and malls, our lives are about to get a lot more musical. (Jordan)

Our bottles are about to get stolen left and right (Aaron)

Looting is going to be a problem (Justin L)

Smashed pots and angry chickens everywhere you look (Jordan)

– Live action Zelda means never having to mow your lawn again. (Justin G)

– I’m hoping that a live action Zelda series is actually just a red herring, and that Netflix is actually going to start incorporating Rifftrax into their service. Mike, Kevin, and Bill riffing on a live action version of Zelda? I’d totally watch that. (Nicole)

A Link Between Worlds

– Finally hearing my voice coming from Link’s mouth will solidify why I’ve always loved the Zelda franchise. Link is a blank slate that I am able to replace with myself in my own mind. It’s weird they haven’t reached out to me yet about voice acting. I’ll keep my schedule clear so there aren’t any conflicts when they do. (Jordan)

– I mean, the fact that they’re including Arwings is going to make it better, but Slippy being retconned into the Zelda mythos balances that out. (Justin G)

Mario vs Link

This is my show, plumber! – via lionofdemise DeviantArt

It’ll be a neat twist when Sheik is introduced, but then revealed to be Princess Daisy. (Aaron)

I’m not too sure about the dating show spin-off. I mean, are you going to get Ganondorf *hot* or just plain ‘ol Ganon *gross* (Justin L)

I’m concerned about Samus’s proclivity for operating outside the system, though. Won’t that strain the good-guy/bad-guy continuum when Princess Zelda represents the law and Samus ignores her to fire wave beams in Ganon’s general direction? (Justin G)

How do you think The Legend of Zelda on Netflix will be?