Hey! Play! Dreeps Wakes You Up and Adventures for You


You got this, robot boy.

dreeps wakes you up. dreeps has your gaming covered when you can’t game or if you need to game while gaming. You are going explore new lands, fight bosses, survive dungeons while you work, go to school, or while you actively exploring new lands, fighting bosses, and surviving dungeons in other games.

dreeps is officially an alarm playing game (APG). Your player rests while you do, and its alarm will set you off for a new day of adventure. While you go about your day, the robot boy in dreeps heads out into his game world. You can check in on him at any time and escape for free minutes whenever you want.

I look back at all the time I spent playing RPG’s when I was growing up. I have to say I miss the days when time actually allowed you to play more than 24 hours of games in one day. I mean, that’s how I poured hundreds of hours into multiple games every summer, right? I give up. I have no idea how that math worked, but I do still like a good adventure. I just don’t have the time to put into many adventures. I do have time for an adventure that goes on itself and lets me creep in on it when I have the time.

dreeps is available now on iOS

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