Played Wolfenstein: The New Order – Why Wyatt?

Wolfenstein: The New Order

I’ve always been familiar with Wolfenstein, but never too involved with the series. The jarring shout of a Nazi guard can get a reaction out of me, along with the bellowing “guten tag” from those big blue suckers wielding double mini-guns. I shudder thinking about it. I was liable to write off The New Order as just another pretty-skinned Wolfenstein, but certain people seemed unable to stop talking about how good it is. The story, the characters, the shootin’… it was like The New Order was some total package. Not to be left in the dark, I threw money at my monitor and, several hours of sleep later, began my time behind the eyes of William Blazkowicz. It was then that I did something different, something slightly unexpected. When tasked between choosing between two characters, I chose Wyatt.

Wait, I can explain. I had heard tales of sorts about the legendary Fergus. His name has been whispered among the Horrible Night crew. Drinking songs might have been sung about his badassery and valor. Rumor has it that he once said “c***” for some reason or another. I mean, this man had really been hyped up for me since day one. So why did I save Wyatt? Some young know-nothing kid who just happened to have similar baby-blue eyes? It wasn’t an easy decision. I paused the game and walked around for a bit, eventually settling on two reasons for choosing Wyatt. The first is because he saved me from a robotic dog in a dumb way that made me laugh. Robot dogs are stupid. The actual reason is because of the question put forth by all of the praise Fergus was receiving. Here you have a man that goes the extra mile, has your back and has seen shit. Why would anyone even choose Wyatt?

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wyatt, execute fetch maneuver please!

Such a simple question: Why Wyatt? Yet, the game presents him as an option and a legitimate choice. You don’t receive an immediate “game over” screen for choosing Wyatt. You don’t appear to handicap your gameplay by saving the young pup over the old dog. You’re told you have begun the Wyatt timeline of events instead of existing in a world where Fergus keeps on… Fergusing. Obviously, the story does differ in ways that I’d rather not spoil, but it was almost a better experience for me in that regard. On a basic level, I had fun playing through The New Order, but I was most excited about the moments where the game reminded me that I let Fergus go. It becomes more than window dressing and hits harder than an ordinary binary decision. Plus, in the game’s final hour, I had a really good idea why it was fine for me to go Wyatt.