PurelyNicole’s Games of the Year 2014

We entered 2014 with new consoles and new games for those consoles. Well, some of us did. I didn’t get my next-gen console until the holidays, and I didn’t want to buy new games for an aging console (other than Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which was designed for last generation (Update: Until Today)). For me – 2014 was the Year of the Backlog.

Nicole Games of the Year

What I Finished in 2014

Let’s start with the good news. I have several games I actually finished this year:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: I never played the original Deus Ex, I started my experience with the series with Invisible War. I loved it (and it exposed me to the KidneyThieves which didn’t hurt), but the gameplay in Human Revolution was completely different. It’s an amazing game with an amazing story, but I’m not good at stealth. This was the first game I picked up as I was beginning to get into gaming a few years ago, and I really didn’t understand upgrade trees very well. I chose some really bad augment combinations that made the game hard to play after a certain point. At the urging of Gifford, though, I picked it back up again. I’m still not good at stealth, but I was able to finish it… finally. It was totally worth the over two year build up.

Dragon Age Origins: I tried playing this after I finished my initial playthrough of Mass Effect. I was just disappointed it wasn’t Mass Effect. If I fall in love with a game, I really need to wait at least a week before picking up anything similar. Coming back the second time, though, I understood why people love it. The world is so deep and well thought out, and the characters are so well written, you can’t help but love it.

Dragon Age Origins – Awakening: I put off buying this expansion for a while, because it was $20. When there was a sale and I was able to get it for $5 I jumped on the chance. In all honesty, it’s worth $20. There’s so much more gameplay, stories, and characters that it’s basically a game in it’s own right.

Dragon Age 2: Noticing a pattern? Another $5 find. I’m assuming this was all build up for Dragon Age: Inquisition. I was able to get through this about a month before Inquisition was released.


Dragon Age 2

You’ll find the story underneath all of this blood.

Borderlands: I had originally picked up Borderlands to play with a friend. Then, I found out when she said Borderlands, she meant Borderlands 2. I finally got around to dusting it off and giving it a play. Another series I ended up hooked on.

Borderlands 2: I finished this, but I feel kind of like a cheat for saying this. I still have so many side missions (and DLC missions, since I got the GotY edition) because I sped through the last levels so I could start the Pre-Sequel.

BioShock Infinite: Such an amazing game. Not as good as the first, partially because I knew there was going to be a “twist” of some sort. I’d love to play it again, but something about this game gives me headaches and almost makes me motion sick.

Another Mass Effect Playthrough: This time with more DLC!

What I Started in 2014

As much as I finished, there are games still left unfinished in my backlog. They’re almost all RPGs (Charlie Murder and Mirrors Edge being the exception) I think with all the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, I just couldn’t get through any more RPGs. Still waiting for me: Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and I started a second Dragon Age playthrough (as an angry elf). I also have Tomb Raider (which I’m bad at) and Remember Me (such a disappointment) to finish at some point.


Your smirking isn’t helping.

And then there’s Defiance. The game I bought at full price and is now free-to-play (not that I’m bitter). I started fresh to prepare for season 2….and then SyFy decided to make season 2 a “web only” series on Hulu Plus. Without the show, the game just doesn’t hold the interest for me. I’m sure I’ll return again, but it can really be too much grinding for me.

What I Bought in 2014 (But Haven’t Started)

You’d think, since all I did was play backlog games I would have made some kind of a dent. Nope. Thanks to Games with Gold, it grew. I won’t be able to disconnect my 360 anytime soon at this rate. Dishonored, Injustice, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Half-Life 2 (Lacey isn’t the only one who has committed this gaming sin), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (which I bought after it won a Grimmy last year), Dust, and Halo: Reach are all games just waiting to be picked up.

Technically, I have more games in my backlog than this thanks to the free games that come with Xbox Live Gold. I’ve of course downloaded all the free ones that came with that program, but there are several I really have no intention of playing. For simplicity’s sake, I included just the one’s I intend to play here. But even without them, I’ll be busy for a while.

Games of the Year from the Horrible Night staff and friends

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